About Us

Human Kindness Vegan Food Bank has been established by a small group of vegans to provide necessary support to vegans throughout England and Wales, in times of need.


Launched in September 2017 with a mission to help by providing vegan food and vegan toiletries to vegans, their families and companion animals when they need it most.


Across England and Wales there are many food banks doing excellent work, supporting the general public, however they are not specifically focussed on the requirements of vegans.


The availability of nutritious vegan food (including vitamin B12 and omega 3), and vegan toiletries can vary considerably in different locations. This leaves vegans in times of need with a terrrible predicament; do they compromise their vegan principles?

Help us to put the smiles back on people's faces across England and Wales! Help us to put the smiles back on people's faces across England and Wales!

Companion animals become one of the family; we provide food for the entire household, including companion animals.


Help keep entire families well fed and cared for by supporting our work. We cater for individual household requirements, considering both human and non-human food requirements and other circumstances such as allergies.


When providing food for non-human animals, we respect the guardian's wishes around the types of food they usually purchase, e.g. when providing cat food.

How it works


Generally we send food and toiletries parcels by courier, across England and Wales. Using the tracking number we provide, people can see when their parcel is due to arrive. Of course, we work to get their parcel delivered as soon as posible, usually the day after we speak to the client.


On some occasions the items may be delivered by a supermarket home delivery scheme or local volunteer.


Regardless of the delivery method, nothing will identify the delivery as being from a food bank. Their confidentiality will be fully respected.


You can get involved by making a donation or by volunteering. As a small, volunteer-led organisation every single donation and hour of your time will make a significant difference.

Click the link below to read about our first 5 months - September 2017 - January 2018
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