Why Vegan?

A vegan diet is 100% plant-based. Vegans do not eat animals and also avoid all other animal products, including dairy products, honey and eggs. Vegans also avoid exploiting non-human animals, particularly for clothing, entertainment, household products and cosmetics.


Why vegan?

The prevailing principle behind veganism is to oppose unnecessary violence. Since it is now indisputable that, to varying degrees, animals share the emotions that were once considered unique to humans. Vegans seek compassionate alternatives to the products of animal exploitation in all areas of life. It is about trying to live - as far as it is possible - without causing harm to other creatures.


As the number of vegans has increased, it has become increasingly easy to live healthily without using the products of non-human animals.


There are also many major health, humanitarian and environmental advantages to being vegan.


Reasons to go vegan -

  • Animals - avoid causing suffering and death

  • Health - major health improvements are achievable
  • People - conserve resources, especially for the world's poorest people and future generations
  • Planet - avoid contributing to major sources of pollution and environmental destruction
Make a difference - by being vegan and by supporting our vegan food bank! Make a difference - by being vegan and by supporting our vegan food bank!

Like anyone, vegans can experience times when access to a food bank can provide necessary support to allow access to sufficient vegan food and vegan toiletries.


We run the only vegan food bank covering the whole of England and Wales, to help people to remain both well-nourished and fully vegan during challenging times.


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